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General FAQs
My mortgage company should pay this tax. Why did you send me a bill?

If you received an original tax bill and your mortgage company should be paying the tax, please send the bill to them immediately, keeping a copy for your records.

If you received a copy bill, the mortgage company requesting the bill is listed in the upper-right hand portion of the bill. Be sure to verify that this is your mortgage company. If not, please send a copy of the bill to your correct mortgage company.

Just prior to our billing, the mortgage companies notify us of the tax parcels they expect to pay. The Treasurer's Office receives an electronic file that automatically downloads a computer code to each parcel for which billing is requested. The mortgage company receives an electronic billing for each of their coded accounts and the property owner is sent a copy. Please verify that the mortgage company requesting your bill is the company that currenlty services your mortgage. If the mortgage company payment is not mailed prior to the due date, late charges and interest will be added. Post mark rules apply to mortgage companies also.

What if I lost my payment coupon?

If you dont have access to your payment coupon, you may simply write your parcel number on your check.

I received a property tax bill but I did not own the property for all or part of the tax year. Why am I getting this bill?

Property tax bills are sent to the owner on record.

Please reference your closing documents to determine what agreements were made in regard to property taxes. Oftentimes, the seller will allow a credit at closing for the anticipated tax amount. If you cannot find this information in your closing documents or have further questions, please contact your title company as they may be able to assist.

I received two bills but I only have one property. Why?

- If your new home was completed midyear and assessed after April, you may receive a "Subsequent/Occupancy" bill in January (due February 20th) or February (due March 20th) in addition to the "Real Property": billing issues in November, which represents a tax on the land. When the home is completed and occupied the home value is prorated and taxes are billed on a "Subsequent/Occupancy" tax roll.

- Subsequent bills are late entries to the tax roll and may not be coded for billing directly to your mortgage company. If your mortgage company will be paying the bill, please forward it to them immediately.

- If you own a business, you may receive a real property tax bill for the land and buildings and a business personal property tax bill on furniture, fixtures, and equipment used in your business, if the total value of the personal property ownership exceeds the $100,000 annual exemption enacted in 2013.


* January 2 - First day to apply for current year Property Tax Reduction ("Circuit Breaker") in Assessor's Office

* April 18 - Last day to apply for current year Property Tax Reduction ("Circuit Breaker) in Assessor's Office

* June 20 - (or the first day following a holiday or weekend) Last day to pay current tax year second half tax payments without a late charge and interest, calculated from January 1 (not June 21)

 * June 27 - Last day to file an appeal with Board Equalization in the Assessor's Office

* December 20 - (or the first day following a holiday or weekend) Last day to pay current year full tax payments or first half tax payments without late charge and interest on the first half

** Make sure to notify the Assessor's Office whenever your mailing address changes. You can contact their office at 208-782-3017.