Coroner's Office

Mission Statement

The mission of the coroner’s office is to conduct professional medicolegal death investigations in an accurate and timely manner by determining time, cause, and manner of death, positively identifying decedents, notifying next of kin and protecting the decedent’s property. We strive to provide every individual in need of our services with factual direction, professionalism, commitment and care. We will accomplish our mission by providing our administrative services, forensic services through our contracted agency (Ada County Coroner’s Office) and investigative services to the very best of our ability providing guidance and assistance to those who are in need.   

Vision Statement

To be the leader in providing compassionate, professional and efficient assistance to the community of Bingham County. For the Bingham County Coroner’s Office to complete their duties and to provide every decedent the dedication, accuracy and compassion that they deserve.

Meet the Coroner's Office