Property Tax Deferral

You might be eligible for the Idaho Property Tax Deferral program if you’re an Idaho resident and homeowner. The program lets you postpone paying taxes on your home and up to one acre of land. You must pay the taxes and interest later.

Note: This program won’t defer solid waste, irrigation, or other fees that government entities charge.

Read more about the Property Tax Deferral program:
 Deferral Program.pdf 

County assessors and the Tax Commission manage this program. If the guide above and this page don’t answer your questions, contact your county assessor’s office or call us at (208) 334-7736.

Who qualifies

You might qualify for this program in 2024 if both of these apply:


You must apply and qualify for this program every year. You must apply between January 1 and September 3, 2024, for a deferral on your 2024 taxes.

If your application’s approved, we pay the county directly. You won’t see the deferral on your property tax bill.

Before you apply: See the guide for the 2024 Property Tax Deferral program for the information you’ll need to have ready.

Contact your county assessor’s office or call us at (208) 334-7736 if you need help.

You can fill out the form below and mail, emailfax, or drop by the office.

 Deferral Program.pdf