Homeowners Exemption


Your Homeowners Exemption is not valid until you receive a copy back showing stamped "RECEIVED" from our office.

Each owner-occupied primary residence (house or manufactured home) and up to one acre of land is eligible for a Homeowners Exemption. To qualify, you must own and occupy your home before December 31st; you must file an application with our office by December 31st for the current tax year. Once you apply and qualify for this exemption, you only have to reapply if you move or if the ownership changes. Please see the forms below.
This exemption allows the value of your residence and land up to one acre be exempted at 50% of the assessed value up to a maximum of $125,000; whichever is less.
If you have occupied a newly constructed home after the first of the year you must apply for the Homeowners Exemption within 30 days of receiving a notice of assessment for the newly occupied dwelling for the exemption to be considered for the current assessment year.   Any application occurring after the aforementioned time-frame will be considered for the following assessment year.  Homeowners Exemptions for newly constructed owner-occupied dwellings allow for 50% up to maximum of $125,000 to be exempted from the pro-rated occupancy assessment of the dwelling.

  Homeowners Exemption Application (PDF)

If your property is titled in one of the following scenarios, we will also need the following documentation:

   1.TRUST: Complete and notarized Trust Affidavit submitted along with a copy of the front page, signature page, and the page listing the Beneficiaries of the Trust.

    Affidavit for Residence in Trust  (PDF)

   2.CORPORATION OR LLC: Complete and notarized affidavit submitted with documentation showing that you are at least 5% shareholder, member, or partner in the corporation or LLC.

   Affidavit for Residence in Corp, LP, LLC  (PDF)

  3. IF YOUR PROPERTY HAVE PARENTS OR FRIEND ON THE PROPERTY FOR LOAN PURPOSES ONLY: You will have to submit the affidavit form below along with the homeowner's exemption.

  Affidavit Of Possessory and Security Interests  (PDF)

If you have any questions please call the Assessors office at 208-782-3020 

PLEASE FAX OR EMAIL FORMS TO 208-782-3073 OR abarzee@binghamid.gov