Victim/Witness Information

General Information
Phone Numbers
Fax: (208)785-5199
Emergencies: Dial 911
501 N Maple St #302

The Victim/Witness Coordinator provides advocacy, notification, assistance with restitution and referral services to victims and witnesses of crime in Bingham County.

If you are a victim or a witness to a crime in Bingham County you may desire assistance in navigating the criminal court system. The Bingham County Victim-Witness Coordinator is here to help. The victim-witness coordinators who work directly with crime victims to increase their participation and satisfaction with the criminal justice process. Some of the services provided are:

  • Providing victims' rights letters
  • Assistance with Crime Victims Compensation Program
  • Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Information
  • Assisting with follow-up photographs of damages and injuries
  • Assistance in obtaining civil protection orders
  • Advocacy during interviews with prosecutor
  • Advocacy during all court proceedings
  • Assistance with reimbursement of witness fees
  • Subpoenas
  • Safety planning
  • Hearing notifications
  • Providing case status information
  • Assistance in preparation of victim impact statements
  • Assistance with no contact orders and no contact order violations

Our goal is to give victims, witnesses and family members a chance to participate fully in the criminal justice process, as outlined in Idaho’s Victim “Bill of Rights” Idaho Code 19-5306.

The Victim/Witness Coordinator usually begins working with victims as soon as criminal charges are filed with the Court. In some situations, assistance can and is given even before the filing of charges. The first step is normally the mailing of letters to victims notifying them that a charge or charges have been filed, notifying them of their rights as victims, and informing them that they need to submit any restitution (reimbursement) requests to the prosecutor's office as soon as possible.

The Victim/Witness Coordinator assists victims in obtaining restitution for damages caused by criminal conduct. Assistance is limited to the criminal case being prosecuted. Victims are responsible for providing the information to substantiate their claim of damages. The prosecutor's office does not investigate the damage claim or obtain information from vendors and repair services for victims. Prosecutors will file a request with the court for reimbursement and will handle any necessary hearings regarding restitution. The Victim/Witness Unit will provide answers to victims about commonly asked questions regarding restitution. These questions are usually directed at what victims can obtain restitution for and how to go about collecting the necessary information to support their damage claim.

Lastly, the Victim/Witness Coordinator will accompany victims to court hearings and assist victims in exercising their right to address the court during hearings. The Victim/Witness Coordinator will explain the various ways victim impact statements can be presented to the court.

There are many other things that the prosecuting attorney's office does to assist victims. Many of the topics discussed in this section are discussed in much greater detail elsewhere on this site. Please contact the prosecutor's office if you have any questions about victim assistance that are not answered on this site.