District Court

General Information
Phone Numbers
Phone: (208) 782-3154
Fax: (208) 785-8057
Emergencies: Dial 911
501 N Maple #310

8:00 AM to 5:00 PM MST
(closed during the lunch hour)
Monday through Friday
(closed on all federal holidays)

District Court Judges have jurisdiction over civil and criminal cases.  They decide cases involving the most serious criminal cases, felonies, and typically hear civil cases where the amount of money in dispute exceeds $10,000.  Civil damage actions usually involve personal injury, such as automobile negligence cases and contractual disputes between parties.  District Judges may also hear domestic relation cases, such as divorces and child custody matters, but in most counties, such cases are handled by magistrate judges.  District Judges also hear post-conviction relief actions, in which a defendant is challenging his/her conviction or incarceration. District Judges also hear appeals from decisions made by magistrate judges. 

District Court Judges presiding over Bingham County cases
Darren B. Simpson
Stevan H. Thompson
Bruce L. Pickett