Bingham County Resolutions

Joint Resolution in Support of Libraries
Joint Resolution in Support of Libraries 01-26-2024

2024 Resolutions
Resolution 2024-1- Deed of Royal Street to City of Blackfoot
Resolution 2024-2 County Vessel Fund
Resolution 2024-3- SICOG Block Grant for Aberdeen Senior Center
Resolution 2024-4- Destruction of Records- Election Office
Resolution 2024-5_Acceptance of Cedar Estates 3 Roads
Resolution 2024-6- Surplus Property- Search _ Rescue
Resolution 2024-8- Surplus Property Sheriff's Office
Resolution 2024-9- Surplus Property- Courts
Resolution 2024-10 Amending Road Standards Manual
Resolution 2024-11- Rose Road Speed Limit Reduction
Resolution 2024-12- County Line Road Change
Resolution 2024-13- North Wapello Roads Speed Limit Change
Resolution 2024-14- Road Classification Map
Resolution 2024-15- Public Works Fee Addition
Resolution 2024-16- Surplus Property- IT Department
Resolution- 2024-17- Amendment to Road Standards Manual
Resolution 2024-18- Amendment to Road Standards Manual- Traffic Study

2023 Resolutions
Resolution 2023-01- Employee Handbook 
Resolution 2023-02- Surplus Property- Courts
Resolution 2023-03-Vacation of Right of Way
Resolution 2023-04- LHTAC Grant
Resolution 2023-05- Acceptance of 415 W. Progress Road
Resolution 2023-06- Destruction of Records- Motor Vehicles & Clerks Office
Resolution 2023-07- Indigent Cremations & Burials
Resolution 2023-08- Bingham County Vessel Fund
Resolution 2023-09, Destruction of Records- Elections
Resolution 2023-10- Destruction of property IT Dept
Resolution 2023-11- Designated County Paper
Resolution 2023-12- Juror Mileage and Compensation
Resolution 2023-13- Pole Place Election Worker Compensation
Resolution 2023-14 Odd Lot Rattlesnake BC to Thompson
Resolution 2023-15 Odd Lot Rattlesnake-BC to Hillside properties west of fence
Resolution 2023-16 Odd Lot Rattlesnake- BC to Ruka LLC 1 AC Tower site
Resolution 2023-17 Odd Lot Rattlesnake- BC to Ruka LLC East of Fence
Resolution 2023-18 Odd Lot BC to Jim Cook
Resolution 2023-19 Odd Lot BC to Caitlin Cook
Resolution 2023-20- Per Diem expenses
Resolution 2023-21- Destruction of Records- Elections Office
Resolution 2023-22- Surplus Property- Sheriffs Office
Resolution 2023-23- Surplus Property- Public Works
Resolution 2023-24- Mountain Roads to Remain Closed
Resolution 2023-25- Ordinance Change 7.3.6 B (5)
Resolution 2023-26- Increase in Fees
Resolution 2023-27- Open Mountain Roads w. exception
Resolution 2023-29- Mountain Roads
Resolution 2023-30- Destruction of Records- Clerks Office
Resolution 2023-31, Obsolete Surplus Property- Treasurers Office
Resolution 2023-32- Increase DMV Fee
Resolution 2023-33- Repealing Ribbon Curbing Ordinance
Resolution 2023-34- Adopting Amendment to Road Standards Manual
Resolution 2023-35 Destruction of Records- Elections
Resolution 2023-36- Surplus Property- Public Works
Resolution 2023-37, County Property Surplus
Resolution 2023-38- Destruction of Records- Elections
Resolution 2023-39, Ambulance Fee Increase
Resolution 2023-40, Surplus Property- Road & Bridge
Resolution 2023-41- Surplus Property- Sheriff's Office
Resolution 2023-42- Surplus Property- Road and Bridge
Resolution 2023-43- Destruction of Records
Resolution 2023-44- Rockford Airport Grant Resolution
Resolution 2023-45- Community Block Grant
Resolution 2023-46- County Budget Approval
Resolution 2023-47- Ambulance District Budget Approval
Resolution 2023-48- Reserving Forgone for Ambulance District
Resolution 2023-49- Reserving Forgone for Bingham County 
Resolution 2023-50- Surplus Property- Solid Waste
Resolution 2023-51- Vacation of Road Right of Way 1200 E Parks Rd
Resolution 2023-53- Open Fiscal Year 2023 Budget
Resolution 2023-54- Acceptance of 695 E and 1375 N
Resolution 2023-55- Destruction of Records Clerks Office
Resolution 2023-56- Surplus Property- IT Department
Resolution 2023-57- Legal Intern- Public Defender Contract
Resolution 2023-58- Destruction of Records- Prosecutors Office
Resolution 2023-59- Amendment to Approach Spacing